21st LSI Design Contests-in Okinawa  Design Specification - 3-2

3-2. parameter calculation

Taking the differences value between the output and the supervisor, the neural network parameter will change simultaneously until the output are as same as supervisor signal.

Neural Network 3

Fig 3 : Three-layer model with parameter

Figure above shows the neural network model with each parameter in its respective layer. The definition of each parameter are as describe below:

  • ki is the input signal
  • wi j2 is the weight from input layer to hidden layer
  • bi2 is the bias for hidden layer
  • zi2 is the input for hidden layer
  • ai2 is the output for hidden layer
  • wi j3 is the weight from hidden layer to output layer
  • bi3 is the bias for output layer
  • zi3 is the input for output layer
  • ai3 is the output for output layer
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