P.How to submit report

Report Format : Reference thesis of IEEE (doc)

Report: Affiliation, contact address/phone/email, Max 6p, Team name, Authors each name, T-shirt size
Language: English

  The report has to include the following contents. Be concise!

Title page P Team name, Members Name, School, Grade
Q Address, Phone, Email-address
R T-shirt size for all members in the team
S Which level of task is designed.
Contents P Circuit block or architecture description
Q Designed circuit functional explanation, etc.
R Appealing point and originality
S Critical path speed, and circuit area, how many bit errors for each SNR
T HDL codes (VHDL or Verilog HDL)
U Simulation waveform indicating the design is operating!
V Anything you want to claim

Report has to be emailed to the following address. Please use PDF file format.

  Destination address :

  Due date : 5pm, 14th January, 2008

Q. Reference literature