25th LSI Design Contests-in Okinawa  Design Specification - 5

5. Challenge

  1. Level 1: For Beginners
  2. Creation of a program that calculates the maximum or minimum value from n inputs
    Here we give an example for n=4. With inputs from in1 to in4 and outputs from max, the maximum value is searched for in a tournament system.


    Fig 4 : Tournament for n=4

    The following file is a Verilog file that calculates the maximum value for n=4 and n=10.
    Zip file(Verilog file):getMax.zip
    Tutorial - PDF-file: Tutorial to run the verilog file with Vivado Design Suite 2019.1

  3. Level 2: For intermediate users
  4. Program to Solve 5 × 5 Maze Search Problem and 10 × 10 Maze more...

  5. Level 3: For advanced users
  6. Unlimited...(100 × 100 Maze!!)
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