This year 12th LSI design contest design task is simple Micro Processor design. We believe this task gives a good chance to study or review the computer architecture for students.

Since the task is designed for students, the basic task of the processor design only includes 9 instructions set. The instruction set is determined to execute some interesting algorithms such as sorting. Then unconditional jump and conditional jump (branch) instructions are also included.

The processor architecture will be fully explained in the following sections. Then please try to design the SRP small RISC Processor even you are not familiar with a processor architecture. Here the RISC means Reduced instruction set computer which is invented by famous Professors Hennessy in Stanford and Patterson in UC Berkley.

Enjoy Okinawa

Guidelines for applicants

Outline of examination

  • Not only the speed and the circuit scale but also unique and ideas of architecture are examined considering it enough.
  • It examines it according to the level of the graduate student, the university student, and the Technical College student.

This program is operated by LSI design contest committee,
co-operated by IE department at Univ. of the Ryukyus,Okinawa Industry Support Center, and Kyushu Semiconductor Industries and Technology Innovation Association.