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This year's design task is the BCH (Bose, Chaudri, Hocquenguem) Digital Error Correction Circuit, which is based on Grois Field Mathematics. Since this contest is mainly for University students, the code size in the task is relatively small to let student to design easily. In addition, some task level is prepared for several students levels.

The requirements of the design is to write HDL (VHDL or Verilog HDL) and to synthesize digital circuits using Synopsys design analyzer or any other EDA tools. Making FPGA is also optional but our judges love to see your FPGA designs.

Transmission system

Figure 1: Encoding and decoding system diagram

Figure 1 shows the encoding and decoding system diagram. There are two big blocks such as BCH encoder and BCH decoder. This year’s design task is the DECODER. In order to send ASCII data, the information width is 7 bits. By adding 8 bit parity bits, the code length is 15 bits. Then, we call BCH(15,7) system. The BCH(15,7) can correct 2 bit errors in 15 bits code.

DECODER receives 15 bit packet with error bits included and performs Error Correction operation. Since BCH is much simpler than Reed-Solomon (RS) code, it is very good for students’ design contest task. Actually, the BCH decoder can be realized by Grois field remainder circuit and Table circuit.

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Guidelines for applicants

Suggestion from judges

  • We try to evaluate not only the speed and the area, but also your idea ,originality, uniqueness. But be sure to remember that we are not perfect, please make a good presentation to appeal us.
  • We definitely take your school grade into account.
  • We like fun ideas. Please do something different from others.


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