LSI Design Contest in Okinawa, which has been conducted as part of the lesson of the University of the Ryukyus Faculty of Engineering initially, will celebrate the 20th at the earliest in 2017. In the meantime, participation from universities and technical colleges in the country not only increased, participation from foreign universities in Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam also increased steadily in Asia, it grew Design Contest international, which is also more than 100 cases of applicants now

Well, I think it is the design challenge of LSI Design Contest in Okinawa this year, but would like to try to "Human Detection by Histogram of Oriented Gradients".

In LSI Design Contest in Okinawa, we have presented the award of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers of (Technical Committee on Smart Info-Media System) to the excellent design team from 2008. We expect applicants to design more unique to win this prize. Please try to challenge energetically!

Winners are invited conference in Okinawa, and we are planning to give original T-shirt to all participants.

Transmission system

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ENJOY HDL! Let's meet in Okinawa!

What's New!

  • (2017/3/27)  Uploaded the Contest Result.
  • (2016/9/27)  Updated the design specification.
  • (2016/9/16)  Updated the design challenge this fiscal year.
  • (2016/9/15)  Updated the 2017 edition page.

Guidelines for applicants

  • Design challenge :"Human Detection by Histogram of Oriented Gradients"
  • Design Specification
  • Who can join :  the team of 1-3 University or college students.
  • The final report deadline :Friday, 27th Jan, 2017
  • Report
  • In this home page, we have used Synphony Model Compiler as a development tool;howver, applicants can freely use any type of architecutre as well as any EDA tools.
  • Any Q&A:

About Presentation

  • Contest Starting Time: Friday,10th Mar,2017 13:00
  • Presentation 10-min, Q&A:5-min
  • Prepare ppt file less than 10-slide.

Suggestion from judges

  • We try to evaluate not only the speed and the area, but also your idea ,originality, uniqueness. But be sure to remember that we are not perfect, please make a good presentation to appeal us.
  • We definitely take your school grade into account.
  • We like fun ideas. Please do something different from others.


  • Place :  50th Anniversary Memorial Hall Department of Computer Science, University of the Ryukyus
  • Address :  Chihaya1,Nishihara City,Okinawa 903-0213,Japan
  • Campus Map 30
  • Date   :   Friday, 10th March, 2017, 13:00 〜18:00

LSI Contest Executive Committee

  • Contest General Chair
        Prof. Hiroshi Ochi
        Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan Tel: +81-0948-29-7692
  • Contest Judge Member Chair
        Prof. Kazuhisa Wada
        University of the Ryukyus, Japan
  • Executive Committee: LSI Design Contest Committee, Okinawa Prefecture
  • Partner Organization: University of the Ryukyus, Kyushu Institute of Technology
  • Sponsor: Synopsys,  Electronic Device Industry News, Gigafirm,
          Analog Devices, Inc., Industry Association of Okinawa
  •       Technical Committee on Smart Info-media System(SIS),Eiginnering Sciences
  • Supporting Organization: Okinawa National College of Technology, CQ Publishing Co.,Ltd.,
                    Kyusyu Polytechnic College,Okinawa Polytechnic College.