16th LSI Design Contests・in Okinawa  Design Specification - 3

3. Development Environment

  • Development Tool
  • 1. MATLAB R2011b,Simulink :
            This tool is used to design a Model-Base RTL circuit.

    2. Synplify Premier with DP F-2011.09-SP1-1 :
            This tool is used to transform a circuit described HDL to edf file.

    3. Xilinx EDK(Embedded Development Kit):
            This tool is used to MicroBlaze and to design software. This tool has two functions; which are XPS and
            SDK. XPS is used to design HW circuit, and SDK is used to design SW.

    4. Xilinx ISE13.2:
            This tool is used to create bit-streams; which is used to design all of circuit and to write circuit into

    Figure 20e

    Figure 20