Contest Result

The 26th LSI Design Contest's winners is as follows.

  Oukan_Kin優勝 Oukan_Kin
    電子情報通信学会 (SIS AWARD): 
Regional maxima/minima search circuit for 3D data
<チーム:Dimension Seeker>
川本 航旗
上田 将也
片山 達貴
千葉大学大学院 融合理工学府
Champion 2023
◎Top Overall Rating

  Oukan_Gin準優勝 Oukan_Kin
   Electronic Device Industry News AWARD: 
Design of a local maximum detection circuit using the finding local maxima algorithm
<チーム:fast finder of local maxima>
馬場 真広
櫻井 稔大
姜旻 成
千葉大学大学院 融合理工学府
Electronic Device Industry News AWARD 2023

   ギガファーム賞(Gigafirm Co., LTD AWARD): 
Light-Induced Autonomous Delivery System
伊藤 晶
岸田 智哉
Gigafirm Co LTD award 2023 Kishida

The Development of Disaster-Resilient Robots Capable of Traversing Disaster Zone
<チーム:SAL (Save A Life)>
堀 悠翔
丸岩 亜梨
Gigafirm Co LTD award 2022 SAL

Lane Recognition System Using Regional Maxima
我喜屋 韻晃
島袋 款次
埜村 瑠希
米盛 志穏
Gigafirm Co LTD award 2022 bravo

Braille Block Identification System Using Regional Processing
大立 浩史
安仁屋 伊央
碓井 悠介
新名 海勇
Gigafirm Co LTD award 2022 UANO

  Oukan_Dou敢闘賞 Oukan_Dou
Efficient Low-Power Fast-Computing Digital Hardware for Solving Regional Maxima Problem
Pham Quang Anh
Nguyen Duc Quang
Nguyen Viet Thi
Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Real Time Local Maxima for Image Processing
チーム:Ganesha Overzero
Anindhita Nayazirly
Yahwista Salomo
Institut Teknologi Bandung